Little Tigers Taekwondo

Little Tiger classes are specifically for children age 4-6 years. In this program, we focus on discipline, respect, basic physical training and self confidence. We create a fun friendly environment for the children to accommodate play while learning Tae Kwon Do. Experienced Masters, friendly instructors and our assistants help each student improve physical development and attitude. Well designed step by step curriculum, students will do best to achieve their individual goals. These skills can help children build characters in life, to become someone great, who will achieve many great accomplishments and to continue challenging themselves.


Class Fundamentals

  • Kicking, Striking and Blocking
  • Tae Kwon Do Form
  • Breaking Technique
  • Korean Terminology
  • Safety and Self Control
  • Team Interaction

Sharing Accomplishments with family

During the belt test, family member holds board for their child. Parents give an encouragement and share accomplishment together. When children graduate from one belt to the next, family members are encouraged to attend the ceremony. Their success is put on display as they are presented with their new belts. The are excited and motivated to continue learning. This also builds their self confidence

Working with your children

We take a hands on approach to ensure proper technique and understanding of the movements.